Despite the somewhat overcast weather today, the spirits of Chenwei Medical's entire staff were shining brightly, filled with warmth and excitement, as the highly anticipated annual gala unfolded.


 The event was a truly unique and spectacular celebration. It featured not only engaging team games and individual activities but also showcased the remarkable talents of the employees through captivating performances, ensuring every participant reveled in laughter and awe.



The entire venue was infused with a lively atmosphere. The festivities commenced with creatively designed team games, highlighting the teamwork and dynamism of the employees. Through various enjoyable challenges, everyone gained a deeper understanding of their colleagues' camaraderie and team spirit.


 Following that, the staff's brilliant performances electrified the entire venue. Each act demonstrated the employees' diverse talents and imaginative ideas. Amidst thunderous applause, Chenwei Medical's extended family showcased the formidable power of unity and creativity.


 In the relaxed and cheerful ambiance, the company organized meticulously planned lottery sessions. Employees eagerly awaited their moments of luck, and the generous prizes left everyone elated. This not only expressed gratitude for their hard work throughout the year but also served as motivation for everyone to strive even harder in the coming year.


To ensure each employee feels warmth and appreciation in the new year, the company thoughtfully prepared new year's gift boxes, expressing profound gratitude to the entire team.


The resounding success of Chenwei Medical's annual gala not only highlighted the company's cohesion and vitality but also showcased its proactive and dynamic corporate culture. It is believed that after this joyous gathering, Chenwei Medical will embark on the new year with even greater enthusiasm, scripting a new chapter of success.

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