* We hope you are *

1. Trade: International Economy and Trade, Customs Declaration and International Freight, International Trade Practice, Marketing, E-commerce, etc.

2. Languages: English, Tourism English, Business English, Foreign English, Spanish/Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Korean and other related majors;

3. Graduates with major in economics and trade, management, mechanical or electronic information, or with good English language skills;

4. Proficient in computer operation and use of various office software;

5. Careful and responsible in work, fluent in spoken English, able to deal with correspondence in time, proficient in reading and writing;

6. Integrity and optimistic, work actively, love traveling students, more favored, welcome your delivery!

* Future job description *

1. Standardized pre-job training to lay a foundation for individuals to enter the foreign trade industry and train talents for the target positions of the enterprise;

2. Maintaining and developing the overseas regional market through email, telephone and regular overseas exhibitions through the foreign trade platform system;

3. Responsible for the coordination and handling of overseas market affairs in the region, and have 1-5 opportunities to go abroad every year after regional assignment;

4. Free lunch, shuttle bus and dormitory are provided;

5. The company can receive files, affiliated household registration and party organization relations;

Resume Delivery Method:

Edit your resume and send it to: hr@chenwei-med.com. Thank you.